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Post  Govnar on Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:07 am

Name: Ivan Gavrilović
Age: 26
Location: Split, Croatia
Short description of yourself and your life: Casino dealer and martial artist with a weakness for RPGs since SNES. Go Facebook for more info <3

Character name: Govnar
Race: Orc
Professions: JC/BS (recently lost Mining in favor of BS, currently in Thorium phase:)
Armory link:
Spec: Blood tank, DW Frost/UH dps
Reason for choosing your spec: More hp as Blood for those pesky elitist pug leaders.
Are you willing to respec if we need you to?: Of course.
Did you play your character from scratch?: I played all of my 7 characters from scratch.
When did you start playing wow?: 2005.
Describe your spell/ability rotation on a regular raid encounter:
How do you prepare yourself for a raid?: I meditate for 3 days and nights Smile - Barring that, I do what's expected.
Do you keep yourself up to date when it comes to theorycrafting and class changes: Always.

What are your current regular playtimes?: Late night / early morning.
Are you involved in any activities that could interfere with your raiding?: Yes.
I currently work every other day - so I can play in prime time on tuesdays, thursdays, and weekends.

Pre-TBC raid experience: Up to AQ40.
TBC-raid experience: Seen it all near the end, but mainly preSSC.
WotLK-raid experience: Had a 3 month break before ToC came, so all up to it. Doing some ToC 10 on my shaman as a healer is most likely to get into a group without achievement.
Do you know your way around Ventrilo 2.x and have a microphone (and aren't afraid to use it): Yes.
Which guilds have you previously been in?: Second Wind
Why did you leave / Why were you kicked?: Conflict among officers. It's not polite to speak of others when they're not present Smile So I will save my comments about that guild's leadership for chat. There were also some decent people there, so not going to bash the guild for respect of them. Suffice to say, that I do not have a problem with authority, unless the authority is incompetent beyond tolerance Smile
Why do you want to join Panda Chess Club?: A chance to see the new content playing with skilled people? I also miss the green chat.
Why should we consider recruiting you? (Sell yourself... This is an important question:
Well, I hate selling myself.. I prefer loans Razz You should consider me because I'm all of those things you said you look for in a player - except maybe availability, but hey, got a family to feed you know.. so up to you guys Smile
Do you know anyone in the guild that would be able to vouch for your membership?: Well talked to Rosesred, and played with some members so I know them to be ok people - but don't really KNOW anyone.


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Post  Erafon on Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:59 am

Always fun when another Dk tanks makes an apply to the guild, I love it! many 200-226 Ilvl and blue gems, you could switch these items with triumph gear, now up to officers.

Good luck! Very Happy

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