[Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue.

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[Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue. Empty [Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue.

Post  Jesteria on Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:45 pm

Name: Onur

Age: 20

Location: Turkiye / Izmir

Short description of yourself and your life:
I'm An Architecture Student. Playin Wow and studying. Sometimes Goin out with friends too ^^. Nowadays just like to be social on just wow. Got friends on wow. Thats all Smile

Character name: Windowpane
Class: Rogue
Race: Blood Elf

Professions: Enchanting(450) Now levelling Engineering (for Better enchants). Just removed Herbalism

Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Talnivarr&n=Windowpane

Spec: Assasination- (and Mutlilate PVP)

Reason for choosing your spec: Its the Best spec for a rogue Atm.

Are you willing to respec if we need you to?:
Its not a problem always getting Combat items in my bag too ^^

Did you play your character from scratch?:
Of course i lvled the character myself

When did you start playing wow?:
2 years ago or more

Describe your spell/ability rotation on a regular raid encounter:
Garrote- Hunger for blood-Slice and Dice (1 combo point)- Multilate to 4-5 Combo point then Envenom. Then Goes with Multilate Envenom.

How do you prepare yourself for a raid?:
I'm a raider that gets ready hours before raid. Always got 2-3 flasks, min 10 Potion of Haste, and Full on poisons in bag.

Do you keep yourself up to date when it comes to theorycrafting and class changes:
Ofcourse. Also I'm tryin New gemming styles and new talent rotates so often.

What are your current regular playtimes?:
Nearly every night 18:00-xx i'm living at my own house. Got no limits Smile

Are you involved in any activities that could interfere with your raiding?:
Just Finals and Midterms at University.

Pre-TBC raid experience:
TBC-raid experience:
Was Doing Pvp at that times. So Nope.

WotLK-raid experience: Done Toc 10/25 ICC 10 Full. Got 5/14 as an achievement with full hardmodes on this char at ulduar. Bot normally done 9 bosses. I was playin with my Dk when ulduar came. Also Done All other old raids when they were new ^^ and Got Os10-3d at this char.

Do you know your way around Ventrilo 2.x and have a microphone (and aren't afraid to use it):
Which guilds have you previously been in?:
I know to use Vent-Ts. Got a mic. But need to buy a new soon. But i like to talk and got a good english.
I was in Honorbound in Kor'gall then migrated to play with friends to this server. (my nick was Kholdie at Kor'gall) We got the guild named Artifact. I was the main officer in there.

Why did you leave / Why were you kicked?:
I left cuz, other Officers (my friends from Real life) got to quit from wow and i dont got time to fix that guild nowadays.

Why do you want to join Panda Chess Club?:
Because, I just wanna raid nowadays. Also I wanna continue playing with Bravehéart and Tauroset. I like to do stuff with them Smile

Why should we concider recruiting you? (Sell yourself... This is an important question:
I'm a serious player. I'm checkin internet everyday for news about Rogue, I'm doing my best and i'm really active, I keep learning and doing the stuff that necessary.

Do you know anyone in the guild that would be able to vouch for your membership?:


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[Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue. Empty Re: [Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue.

Post  Brikk on Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:24 pm

I did a os3d pug with you a couple of weeks ago, and by the impression I got from you there you were arrogant, rude and an asshole in general since people actually left because you were bashing on how they play. You did the same thing to me (who tanked) for that matter.

I'll talk to the officers and get back to you.

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[Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue. Empty Re: [Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue.

Post  Duuril on Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:09 pm

You should go with full ap gemming since it scales with envenom/poisons. And why did you choose that specc?

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[Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue. Empty Re: [Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue.

Post  Circhi on Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:19 am


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[Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue. Empty Re: [Declined]Application : Windowpane - Assasination Rogue.

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