[Accepted]Butterrfly belf destro Warlock

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[Accepted]Butterrfly belf destro Warlock Empty [Accepted]Butterrfly belf destro Warlock

Post  butterrfly on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:15 pm

Character name: Butterrlfy

Name: Chen
Age: 20 in a month
Location: Israel..

Short description of yourself and your life: well im 20 years old girl from israel.. serving at the army as
communication devices technition for a year and a half already.. got left half year only..
since it is an obligation serving for 2 years, and im coming home almost every night..

Ckass: Warlock
Professions: tailroing+jc
Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Talnivarr&n=Fist
Spec: Destruction / demo
Reason for choosing your spec: because it is currently the best pve spec for a lock Smile
Are you willing to respec if we need you to?: ofc.. what is there dual spec for?Razz
Did you play your character from scratch?: yep lvled her since lvl 1!
When did you start playing wow?: mm i dont remember really but i think around the 2 years ago..
Describe your spell/ability rotation on a regular raid encounter: first coe then immolate>conflag>chaos bolt> x2 inc and over again.. + sometimes uses life tap for more sp and corruption.
How do you prepare yourself for a raid?: buying flasks mostly and w/e needed for the encounter.
Do you keep yourself up to date when it comes to theorycrafting and class changes: ofc, always reading what kind of changing are comming to my class at next patches and checking what kind
if there will be any need for spec changing..

What are your current regular playtimes?: can play almost at every night.. except a random night a week which i have to gaurd my base since im a soldier ..
Are you involved in any activities that could interfere with your raiding?: as i said before only the army
could interfere and cause me missing a raid sometimes..

Pre-TBC raid experience: havnt played pre tbc
TBC-raid experience: ssc+tk+bt+mh+swp all cleared...
WotLK-raid experience: naxx+ulduar+maly+ony+toc all cleared on 25+10 mans.. i dont have toc hc exp tho..
Do you know your way around Ventrilo 2.x and have a microphone (and aren't afraid to use it): ofc i am..
Which guilds have you previously been in?: used to be in mh which i left because kentrio ruined the guild.. tho heard he got kicked while ago Razz /chop chop which i left because got tiered of raiding and quitted for a while/epiphany
Why did you leave / Why were you kicked?: was in epiphany on a trial and failed because i had many dcs at start because of a modem problem which i got fixed by now.. and my gear sucked compared to their so my dps wasnt so great compared to their so they decided to decline me..
Why do you want to join Panda Chess Club?: because its seems like a nice guild Smile
Why should we concider recruiting you? because im a very nice and dedicated person.. always willing to help ppl in whatever they need and always trying my best in anything Smile
Do you know anyone in the guild that would be able to vouch for your membership?: yes rosesred Smile


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[Accepted]Butterrfly belf destro Warlock Empty Re: [Accepted]Butterrfly belf destro Warlock

Post  Rosesred on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:29 pm

Accepted as Trial.
This is a no-brainer as I know who you are as a player.
Welcome to pcc mate!

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